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The Entertainers

Tommy Smith

Tommy Smith was a piano prodigy from a young age, and it wasn't long before he was touring the world playing keys and songwriting for major international bands such as the Backstreet Boys, O-town, and Snap. With a venerable 35+ years of dueling pianos experience playing everywhere from Howl at the Moon to Pete's to Sing Sing, Tommy is a redoubtable force of nature on the piano, with a bombastic style that channels the best of rock, boogie-woogie, and improv.

Stephen Dakin got into music pretty late in life, taking up the trumpet at the ripe old age of 12. With the fickleness of youth, he switched to the piano in high school, where he also performed in 3 musicals, sang his heart out in choir, swing choir, and a barbershop chorus, and played in concert band, marching band, and jazz band. After a few years of college, he got the itch and hit the road to tour with a top-40 band. Then he discovered dueling pianos down south, and that’s all she wrote!

Stephen Dakin

Composing, arranging, teaching, performing, collaborating, producing…. New Orleans native Harry Rios Is a guy who can do it all. Harry’s incredible talent, infectious energy, engaging stage presence, and ever-expanding repertoire make him a truly remarkable performer, delighting international audiences wherever he goes.

Harry Rios

Emilia Mele is an award-winning piano bar entertainer who brings excitement and fun to her dueling piano shows. Her vocals cover a wide range of styles and artists but are mostly compared to Janis Joplin and Melissa Etheridge. She can bring the house down with soaring vocals or get the room moving with solid rock n roll delivery.

Emilia Mele

Paul Nicodemi has been playing piano for nearly all of his life. The first time Paul saw a dueling piano show, he was blown away by the energy and talent that radiated from the stage. From then on, he knew that dueling pianos was destined to be his career. Paul's classical piano training and diverse repertoire of both oldies and modern hits makes him a lethal weapon on the keys!

Paul Nicodemi

Jim Paquette

Musician, comedian, and Participation Award winner Jim Paquette has been entertaining crowds for decades. Way back when he was destitute and out of money, Jim stumbled upon a dueling piano bar and discovered that he could make way more money by playing other people’s songs - poorly - than by writing his own! Since then, Jim has performed dueling pianos around the country, released 3 comedy music CDs, and continued to lose money doing stand-up comedy.

Pete Moran

Pete is from Pittsburgh PA/ Vero Beach and is a self taught musician. He started playing at 4 years old and has since performed all over the world in every dueling piano bar you've ever heard of since 1991! Fun facts about Pete are that he used to be in "Wild Cherry" and is famous for PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC (WHITE BOY)!! On top of being a dueling pianist, he is also a film score composer for 2 independent films. “Oh I could go on and on. And I do.”

John Sackett

John Sackett is a Florida native, with home-base being St. Petersburg. He has been playing at Dueling Pianos venues for over 25 years. John has played for various audiences, but it proud of his time performed several tours overseas entertaining US troops.

Jorge Ramirez

Jorge played in several cover bands across the states, playing styles from rock, funk, fusion, to country. He was even asked twice to play for country legend Roy Clark and had the honor of playing with The World Famous Platters. In 2009, Jorge started learning piano and has been playing at dueling piano clubs and cruise lines around the world ever since! 

Gavin Rohrer

Gavin is here for a good time, not a long time. Providing high-octave energy to all of his shows, he has performed across a myriad of clubs in the US, overseas and on the high seas themselves. If you aren’t dancing, then you aren’t watching Gavin’s show!

Jason Pawlak

Jason has been performing behind the piano or drums for over 15 years. Working the Dueling circuit in the Midwest and playing over a decade at Walt Disney World piano bars, he has performed over 4,000 request driven singalong shows and is looking forward to many more here at The Nash Keys! 

Mark King 

Mark first sang solo on stage in second grade, and has not stopped since! He has become a world-traveling pianist, playing at concert venues in Japan and intimate parties across England. He has also been a fixture of the Central Florida theme-park scene for many years. Mark feels most at home on stage, especially sitting at the piano. Come see for yourself!

Gabriel Pancerzewski

Gabriel developed his love for piano as a child, learning to play by ear. At age 21, he turned his passion into a career. He now has 15 years experience in the dueling piano industry and more that 8 years of experience as an entertainment director. He has also further broadened his skills through learning different techniques from other countries while playing onboard cruise ships. Now, Gabriel has a repertoire that can accommodate any crowd!

Ty Chaney started playing the piano in 1977 and started doing dueling pianos in 1994. Since then, he has done dueling piano shows in at least 45 U.S. states and Japan. He has also received the medal of excellence while performing for members of the armed forces. He is looking forward to many great performances in the future at The Nash Keys. 

Ty Chaney

Nicole Celeste

Nicole Celeste began her Dueling Pianos journey in 2010, and has been delighting audiences ever since with her old-school dueling pianos approach of focusing on audience interaction. She is excited to play at The Nash Keys! By day she is a Chemical Engineer. She has two huskies. 

Nicole Celeste began her Dueling Pianos journey in 2010, and has been delighting audiences ever since with her old-school dueling pianos approach of focusing on audience interaction. She is excited to play at The Nash Keys! By day she is a Chemical Engineer. She has two huskies. 

Nicole Celeste

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