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Tommy Smith was a piano prodigy from a young age, and it wasn't long before he was touring the world playing keys and songwriting for major international bands such as the Backstreet Boys, O-town, and Snap. With a venerable 35+ years of dueling pianos experience playing everywhere from Howl at the Moon to Pete's to Sing Sing, Tommy is a redoubtable force of nature on the piano, with a bombastic style that channels the best of rock, boogie-woogie, and improv.

Tommy Smith

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Stephen Dakin got into music pretty late in life, taking up the trumpet at the ripe old age of 12. With the fickleness of youth, he switched to the piano in high school, where he also performed in 3 musicals, sang his heart out in choir, swing choir, and a barbershop chorus, and played in concert band, marching band, and jazz band. After a few years of college, he got the itch and hit the road to tour with a top-40 band. Then he discovered dueling pianos down south, and that’s all she wrote!

Stephen Dakin

Composing, arranging, teaching, performing, collaborating, producing…. New Orleans native Harry Rios Is a guy who can do it all. Harry’s incredible talent, infectious energy, engaging stage presence, and ever-expanding repertoire make him a truly remarkable performer, delighting international audiences wherever he goes.

Harry Rios